How to add managers and reporters

When you use Digitalme.Credly as a Premier level member or higher, you have the power to add others as Managers to your account. A Manager can create, edit and issue credentials on your behalf.

Having additional managers is especially useful in cases where you have many different departments offering credentials from one centralised account. It's an extra set of hands.

1.     Go to your "Account Settings" area and find the area for "Account Management".
Once you click on the pencil in the upper right corner, you will be prompted to "Edit Managers".

2.     The “Add Account Manager” window will open. You should notice a dropdown area in the upper right corner of the open dialog box. Be sure to specify "Managers".
3.     The “Add Account Managers” window allows you to enter or search for an existing Digitalme.Credly member and add them to your Managers list. You can search by name or by email address. (Users must already have a Digitalme.Credly account to be added as a Manager.)
Select the name and it will appear in the right column of the screen. Be sure to "Save" your choice. When you click "Save", the managers you add will receive an automatic email notification indicating that they now have manager access to your Organisation's account

Want to check who is set to be a Manager on your account? Look back at the "Account Settings" area. As the Owner of your Organisation account, you can revoke access from any Manager at any time.

Members who have Manager roles can access your account by first logging in as themselves and then selecting your organisation from the dropdown menu in the upper right corner. From there the individual can navigate to any badges you have created and "edit" or" give". They will also have full access to your Organisation's Reports.

Recipients will see the your organisational name as having issued the badge, not the Manager’s name. (The footer of the badge notification email received by badge recipients will include the email address of the Manager who issued the badge.)

Adding Reporters

When you use Digitalme.Credly as a Premier level member or higher, you have the power to add others as Reporters to your account. A Reporter can access your account and review metrics, but cannot create, edit or issue credentials on your behalf.

To add an individual as a Reporter, follow the same process as for adding managers, but specify Reporter in the dropdown.

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