How to use the new issuer layout.

Managers and owners of an Enterprise account have the option to preview a new issuer layout, which is currently in beta development. Just select “Preview new issuer layout” from the top right menu to toggle your view. You'll see a "Back to Classic Credly” in the same place on the layout.


In the Beta UI we’ve updated the view of your badges under the created tab to be in a more condensed list view so you can quickly scroll through all of your badges at a glance.


It’s even easier to track down the badge you’re looking for with enhanced ways to sort your collection and an enhanced search feature.

Badge Filters allow you to quickly search through all of your badges with the following options. By default, you'll see all of your badges in one list but you can use these filters to narrow that list down.

  • All:  All badges that were created by your organisation, Enterprise Issuers, and badges that other organisations have authorised you to issue.

  • Created: Badges that your organisation has created.

  • Enterprise Issuer: Badges that your enterprise issuers have created.

  • Authorised: Badges that other organisations have authorised you to issue.

For each of your badges you’ll see more information about how it’s being used within your enterprise. You’ll also see new columns in this view:

  • Badge title: Shows the badge title and the badge image.

  • Status: Represents available actions for “Created Badges” and “Enterprise Issuer Badges.”

  • Creator: Display the name of the Organisation the badge was created by.

  • Last Issued:  Date of when the badge was issued by your Organisation.

  • Action: Action on each badge that you’re able to perform. Give, Edit, Show/Hide, Add to category, and Delete. These actions will differ from badge to badge depending on your permission.

Global Search allows you to begin typing the title of a badge and dynamically populate a list with all available badges that contain your text string.

Draft Mode is a new and long-awaited tool to improve the process of creating and editing badges. When you use “Draft Mode,” you will be able to create new badges without having to immediately publish them to your site, making time for review processes, collaboration with your team, or just needing a little more time to work on it.

You’ll see a “Save” and “Publish”  option when creating your badges.

  • Save: Saves the badge as a draft.

  • Publish: Saves and publishes the badge to your Enterprise site.

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