What is a "Testimonial"?

Recognition for achievement is often made by a person or organisation who has made a first-hand observation about the recipient's worthiness.  We believe that a testimonial -- a personal statement about why someone deserves the credential being given to them -- has a powerful, and at times life-changing, impact on the recipient. It also makes a meaningful impression on observers who see the credential earned by others.

Whenever possible, we encourage you to include a testimonial when giving credentials.

Testimonials appear front and centre in the email sent to recipients when you give them credentials. They also appear with every credential wherever they appear on Digitalme.Credly, and can even be shared by recipients on their social networks or personal site or blog. Your testimonial is like a reference for the recipient; tell the world why they personally deserve the credential you are giving them. It can make a real difference in their life!


You'll always see the ability to add a Testimonial in Step 2 of giving credentials. Click the "+ Testimonial" button to open up the field where you can enter your message. Remember, the recipient will see the message as will others when the recipient accepts and displays their credential publicly.


When giving credentials to multiple people at once, enter a unique testimonial for each recipient. While some things, such as "evidence", can be bulk entered for all of your recipients, testimonials are by nature personal, and should be entered uniquely for each recipient. If you are a Premier member using our special CSV upload to issue credentials to many users at once, you can include your testimonials in your uploaded CSV file for convenience.

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