What is the difference between "Individual" and "Organization" accounts?

Any individual or organisation can give Credit where credit is due, acknowledging accomplishments that are observed anywhere. And any person or organisation can earn Credit for their achievements.

When you create your account on Digitalme Credly, we ask you to indicate whether you are setting up an account for yourself as an individual or on behalf of an organisation you are authorised to represent.

Individual and Organisation accounts are similar, but not identical. Both can give and earn Credit, edit their public profiles, and manage and share earned Credit and badges. Organisations can use their logo on their profile page, where individuals use a photograph or avatar to represent themselves. The information we ask for during the Verification process (for those members who choose to be Verified by Digitalme Credly) is somewhat different for organisations and for individuals.

In short, if you are planning to give Credit on behalf of an organisation you officially and legally represent, you should sign up as an Organisation. If you are signing up to accept Credit and to give Credit as yourself, sign up as an Individual.  Individuals can have a personal "individual" Digitalme Credly account, and also have an Organisation account for an organisation they represent.

We value authenticity on Digitalme Credly. People should never create accounts representing themselves as someone they are not. Only use your real name on your individual account, and only set up accounts for actual organisations you are authorised to represent. Check the Digitalme Credly Terms of Service for terms and conditions.

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