What is "Evidence"?

"Evidence" is any item that gets added to a credential at the time it is given to enhance its credibility and the authenticity of the recognition being offered.

Evidence can include things like: a photograph or video clip documenting an act or behaviour that earned someone the credential being granted; a link to a website where a test score or membership status being recognised by the credential is officially affirmed; an audio recording of an interview or acceptance speech; or a link to a blog or creative work that demonstrates the recipient's worthiness of the credential being bestowed.  It is possible to include multiple pieces of evidence; for example, a video file and a text explanation.

We encourage you to include Evidence when giving credentials. It adds to the credibility of the credential, and the evidence acts a lasting artifact of the achievement you are recognising, and can often be an inspiration to others. It is not uncommon for people to peruse evidence found on Digitalme.Credly and to be inspired to pursue the activity, behaviour or achievement that earned someone else the related credential.

A link to the Evidence is included in the email sent to recipients when you give them credentials. It also appears with every credential wherever they appear on Digitalme.Credly, and people linking back to the credential shared by recipients on their social networks or personal site or blog will see the Evidence as well. When you include Evidence, keep in mind others may ultimately see it.

To view your evidence click "my credit" on the left hand side of the page. Then hover over the badge you want to see the evidence for until "manage" shows up. Click "manage" and the page will drop down to give you more information on the badge. At the bottom of the page there will be a "view evidence" button so click on that to view your evidence.


Evidence can take many forms, including: links to web sites, photos or images, video clips, sound files or other documents. Just be sure you own or have the explicit rights to post the Evidence to Digitalme.Credly (and that the Evidence meets the Digitalme.Credly Terms of Service) before you post it. 

You'll always see the ability to add Evidence in Step 2 of giving Credit. Click the "+ Evidence" button to open up the area where you can select the icon relating to the kind of Evidence you'd like to add. Remember, the recipient will see the Evidence as will others when the recipient accepts and displays their Credentials publicly.


From this point, you can select to add a link, document, image, video, audio or open a text box. Additionally, you can choose to apply the same Evidence to all recipients.

Once you add the first piece of evidence, you will be asked if you want to add more evidence.


One option for Evidence is a text box where you add commentary. (This feature is likewise available for claimed badges, asking the badge earner to write a short statement.) If you click on the pencil icon to the far right, the box will open. Anything added to the box will be preserved as a PDF when you click the "Save" button in the toolbar.


If you are using our special CSV upload to issue Credentials to many users at once, you can include one item of Evidence in the form of a link to another web site in the CSV file; to add additional Evidence attachments other than links, you can add such evidence once the CSV file is imported, and before you send the Credentials to recipients.

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