What does it mean to "follow" someone on Credly?

"Following" someone on Digitalme.Credly helps you keep up with their achievements. Digitalme.Credly members follow other members for a range of reasons, such as:

  • they know the person or organisation and want to be among the first to cheer them on when they are recognised by others;
  • they want to be able to locate a person or group on Digitalme.Credly to most easily give them Credentials when credit is due
  • they are inspired by their accomplishments
  • they want to track the progress and growth of their students or those they have mentored or guided
To "follow" a person or organisation on Credly, just click the "Follow" button on their profile page. (Click the same button to "unfollow" them.)

You can "follow" people whose profiles you encounter on digitalme.credly.com or in Digitalme.Credly events you check in to on your mobile devices. Others can similarly follow you. You can view those you follow through a few lenses: their names and avatars, the badges they have earned, or the evidence and testimonials generated in the course of them earning Credit.

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