How do I get "Verified"?

Digital credentials have the greatest meaning when their source is known, trusted and verified. When you see the 'Verified' icon on a Digitalme Credly member's badge or profile, it means that Digitalme Credly has completed a verification process to indicate that the account belongs to the person or organisation represented.

How can you become verified?

Credly Premier Issuer member accounts are eligible to be verified as part of their Premier account status.  If you are a Premier member but you have not yet been verified, click the "Verification" page from your Account Settings. There is no additional fee to be verified.

If you are free member you, too, can have your account verified. You can either upgrade to a Premier account, or visit the "Upgrade" page and choose the  option to "get verified." There is a nominal annual fee to get and remain verified without a Premier account.

Verified members may embed the official Digitalme Credly "Verified Issuer" seal on their web site or use it in their credit-related outreach or communications. Look for the "Verified Issuer" seal across the web to trust the authenticity of the source of issued credit.

(See the Credly Terms of Service for additional information about Verified status.)

To begin the verification process, click on the Verification link on the left navigation.

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