How do I import a CSV of badge recipients into Digitalme.Credly?

Digitalme.Credly members can upload a list of users to bulk issue credentials. When in Step 2 of the "give" process, choose "Upload a CSV File" from the "Who would you like to give credit to" drop down menu. Click "Choose CSV file" and then watch your file load and your list of recipients automatically populate. 


Here are some guidelines for preparing your CSV file:

Create a header row with the following in individual columns:

First Name, Last Name, Email address, Testimonial, Evidence

  • Populate your spreadsheet. First Name, Last Name, Email address are required fields. 
  • Testimonial and Evidence are optional. If you are not including a testimonial or evidence for a given person, leave those cells blank.
  • Issue Date: If you want to back-date a badge, add a column with the header Issue Date.  Be sure to populate the entire column if you do this. If you do not use this column, the issue date will default to today's date. It is not possible to issue using a future date.
  • You must use quotation marks around your testimonial or any field containing commas. 
  • The only acceptable value for the optional Evidence field is a link beginning with http:// or https://. 
  • If you are not including a testimonial, evidence or an issue date for a given person, leave those cells blank. 

Help on exporting a CSV file from other applications: 

Applications (including Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets, and iWork Numbers) allow you to export data into a comma-delimited text file (.csv), which you can import into Credly as a list of credential recipients. The exact steps for each application vary but should follow the same general approach: 

  1. Launch your selected application and view your list. 
  2. Ensure your CSV fields are in the required Credly format. See guidelines above.
  3. Select the Save As... or Export... menu option, usually from the File menu. 
  4. Follow the directions to save the file in a Comma Separated Values or CSV format.
  5. Now choose the file to import into Digitalme.Credly. 
Tip: If exporting from Microsoft Excel, choose the file format "Windows Comma Separated (.csv)" when saving your document as a CSV file.

Note: It is recommended that you import a small test file of about five people before importing your entire list to ensure that you have correctly prepared your import file.

After you import a CSV and issue a badge to the people in the CSV list, you will be invited to save the recipients into a list you can re-use and re-issue credit to at a later time. Name the list, and then look for it again in Step 2 when it's time to give the group another badge.

Note on Batch Issuing:  All users can issue credit using CSV upload to up to 50 recipients at any one time. (You can repeat to additional groups of recipients as often as needed.) Premier users can issue credit via CSV file upload to 250 and 1000 recipients at once respectively: Enterprise users have no limits.

If you are having any problems please visit this article for more information.

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