How to use the Reports feature

The Reports feature allows you to track the badges you (or your organisation) have issued. The link to Reports can be found by navigating to your Created tab.


At first glance, the badge report tells the number of badges you have created and how many of those you've issued. This is aggregate data from all badges. If any of your badges have been shared via social media, you will also see a snapshot of the activity in the pie chart.

Badge activity is a record of each time a badge is viewed, whether on Credly, a social network where it is shared, or any place the Open Credit API is called to display the badge, such as in an e-portfolio or learning management system.

Below the initial snapshot is a button to Export data. Issuers at the Premier and higher level can export all data, aggregating all badge activity into one spreadsheet. Issuers at the Premier level can get much of the same data by downloading a report for each badge individually.


Below the initial snapshot you'll see your badges listed. In brief form, you'll see how many were issued for each badge along with the activity. Clicking on an individual badge reveals additional data.

For example, in the report below, you see the first recipient of the badge has earned 9 badges from that organisation and 33 badges total on Digitalme.Credly. Clicking on the linked name would take you to that individuals profile. (If a name appears in black, the individual has not yet accepted the badge.) This report can be exported. You can filter by date, also, to better manage your data.

By working with your data through Reports, you'll get a better understanding of who is accepting your badges and what they are doing with them.


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