How can I embed multiple badges on my web site or blog?

Credly gives you the ability to embed earned badges or credentials on to your own web site or blog. We also give a range of configuration options so you can choose the look and feel of the Credential as it appears on your own site. You can effectively use categories to embed a group of badges.

Visit your "My Credit" section from the user menu at the top right corner of the site, and visit your "Categories" page. Personal Categories help you manage your Credentials and make it easy to share select Credentials to your social networks or your own website or blog. Add new personal Categories from your "My Credit" page by clicking the "Add Category" button at the bottom of the page. (Learn more about personal "Categories.")

Once you create a category, you need to put the badge in the category. To do this, go back to My Credit and mouse over a badge. Click on Manage.

You can then use the dropdown area at Select Category and select one or more categories. Remember to click Apply and then Save.

Now on the "Categories" page you will also see an </> icon associated with each category you have created. Use that to configure, copy and paste the embed code for the Credential in that category to any site, such as your personal web site or blog.

A dialog box will open and allow you to decide how you'd like to see your badges displayed.  For example, in the image, we have circled the 540 px grid. By clicking on that grid, you will select that layout.  After you select a grid option (i.e. the 540px grid), the "Get Embed Code" button will appear. Click that and embed code specific for your badges appears. Copy the code and paste it as HTML onto any web page where you'd like it to appear. Other options include:

  • Display badge titles: When checked, will include the name of the Credential in text, along with the badge image.

  • Display issuer names: When checked, the embedded Credential will include the name of the person or organisation that issued you the Credential.

  • Number of Badges displayed:  This limits the Credentials displayed to the selected number of most recent Credential received.

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