How to share a Digitalme.Credly badge to my Open Badges Backpack.

Once you have the email address you use for Backpack login on file in your Digitalme.Credly Account Settings, it's easy to send your badges to the Backpack. (The Backpack requires that badges you send to there were issued to you, and they enforce that based on the email address associated with the badge recipient.) You can add any of your email addresses to your Digitalme.Credly Account Settings, including the email you may use in connection with the Backpack. Here's how to do this:

  1. First visit your Digitalme.Credly "Account Settings" page and make sure you have added the email address to your Digitalme.Credly account that you also use for the Backpack.

    1. To do that, login to Digitalme.Credly and then visit the user menu at the top right of the site and choose "Account Settings."

    2. Review the email address(es) you have connected to Digitalme.Credly. If you do not see the email address that you have linked to your Backpack account, roll your mouse over the email section and click the pencil icon. Click "Add Email". Then enter the email address you use for the Backpack. You will be sent an email to that address. Check that email's mail, and click the confirmation link in that email to confirm your email address.

  2. Once you have added or confirmed that your Backpack email address is connected to your Digitalme.Credly account, visit the Account Settings page again (same as step 1a). Roll your mouse over the "Social Settings and Auto Share" section and over the "" option, and click "Link". That will allow you to connect your account to the Backpack.

Once these steps are complete, share your Digitalme.Credly badge to the Backpack by visiting your "My credit" page, hovering over the badge you wish to to share, clicking the share icon, and choosing the Backpack.

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