Can I display badges from the Mozilla Open Badge Backpack in my Credly profile?

Yes! You can easily display any of your Backpack "Collections" directly on your Digitalme.Credly profile.

Here's how:
First, be sure you have linked your Open Badges Backpack account to your Digitalme.Credly account. 
If you have not done that yet, simply visit the "Account Settings" area from the top right user menu in Digitalme.Credly, and in the "Social Settings and Auto Share" section, click "Link" next to "".  (See this support article if you need further guidance.)
  1. In your Digitalme.Credly user menu, choose the "My credit" menu. Hover over the badge you are wanting to share with the Open Badge Academy and click the share button.
  2. Choose Mozilla in the list of links to share the credential.
  3. Click "send".
  4. Click "Yes" to accept the badge and send it to your Backpack.
You will see a real-time list of all public collections that you have created in the Backpack that is linked to your Digitalme.Credly account. Click "Import Collection" for any set of badges you'd like to display on your public Digitalme.Credly profile. 

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