Can I display badges from the Mozilla Open Badge Backpack in my Credly profile?

Yes! You can easily display any of your Backpack "Collections" directly on your Digitalme Credly profile.

Here's how:
  1. �First, be sure you have linked your Open Badges Backpack account to your Digitalme Credly account. 

    If you have not done that yet, simply visit the "Account Settings" area from the top right user menu in Digitalme Credly, and in the "Social Settings and Auto Share" section, click "Link" next to "".  (See this support article if you need further guidance.)

  2. In your Credly user menu, choose the option to "Import Open Badges".

    You will see a real-time list of all public collections that you have created in the Backpack that is linked to your Digitalme Credly account. Click "Import Collection" for any set of badges you'd like to display on your public Digitalme Credly profile. 

  3. After you click "Import Collection" the badges from that collection will display in the "Other" badges tab on your Digitalme Credly Profile page. 

Additional Notes and FAQs:

How do I remove a collection of badges I have already imported:  
Visit your user menu in Digitalme Credly, and again choose "Import Open Badges". In the window that appears, click the "Remove Collection" button that will appear on top of any previously imported collections. (Also note that removing the collection, deleting a badge, or marking any collection as not public in the Backpack will also remove it from your Digitalme Credly profile.) 

Some of the badges in a given Collection did not import. Any idea why?
Badges that were initially issued to you through Digitalme Credly that were subsequently sent to your Mozilla Open Badge Backpack are not re-imported when you import collections from the Open Badge Backpack. This avoids the same badge showing up more than once in your Digitalme Credly profile. (Think of what happens when you have a mirror in front of you and behind you; the reflection goes on to infinity. We nip that in the bud.)
Will changes made to
the Open Badge Backpack collections be reflected on Digitalme Credly after I import the collection?
�Yes. Credly shows a real-time view of the status of collections you import from the Open Badge Backpack. If you r
emove the collection, remove a badge from a collection, or mark any collection as not public in the Backpack, those changes will automatically be reflected in the Other tab of your Digitalme Credly profile.

I am not seeing all of my Open Badge backpack collections when I "Import Open Badges" in Digitalme Credly.
Digitalme Credly will only show collections that you have marked as "Public". Be sure you have checked the Public" option in your Open Badges Backpack account with any collection you intend to be visible to others.

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