How to put your badge in an Outlook email signature

It's great to be able to share your digital badge or credential in your email signature. To do so requires that your email program allows for HTML in the signature field. Gmail allows it, as does Outlook.

The process for sharing the digital credential includes the following 3 steps:

1. Save the image
2. Copy the URL for the badge "assertion" page
3. Hyperlink the two.

Here is a view from Office 365 and the Outlook email client. Note it allows for an image and hyperlinking.

First, navigate to your badge. When you mouse over the badge, you will see the option for sharing.

From the next window, you'll be able to save the image and get the URL for the badge assertion page. Use the Share Link and Download buttons as indicated.

Getting the URL for the Hyperlink
The Share Link button will give you the URL you need.

Getting the Image
Use the Download button to obtain the image. You do not need the option to Save in Open Badge format.  By clicking Download, an image file will be sent to your downloads folder. 

Hyperlinking the Two Parts
One you have saved the image and the URL of that page, you have the 2 parts you need for the signature.

Back in your email client, find the settings feature where you can edit the signature. Upload the image you saved or provide the image location. Here is a screenshot of an image uploaded in Office 365 Outlook.

To hyperlink the image to the URL, click on the image or highlight it before hitting the link icon. When asked, put the URL of the entire badge page into the box.

Don't forget to save your signature at the end of the process!

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