Is there a Credly API?

Absolutely! Digitalme.Credly was designed from the ground up to integrate easily and seamlessly with any web site or applications. The Digitalme.Credly Open credentials API allows you to seamlessly integrate the giving, earning and displaying of lifelong achievements and badges into any user experience. It also allows your brand and identity to be in the foreground while leveraging the most robust engine for universal achievement recognition under the hood. Leave the work of developing and operating the world's most robust digital credential and badge system to us, while your users enjoy the best of credential earning and giving from within the context of your site or application.  

With over 100 endpoints in more than ten functional categories, the Digitalme.Credly "Open credentials" API (application programming interface) is the most robust and flexible programming interface for digital badges available -- and the universal standard for giving, earning and interchanging credentials for achievement across applications and sites. Our enterprise options make integrating badges into your system or site as simple as copying and pasting.

Exploring and testing calls to the Open credentials API couldn't be easier with a completely documented API and testing area.  We've made it easy for anyone to build complete badge-issuing and displaying systems using open Credly APIs.

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