How to add other email addresses to my account?

Most people have more than one email address, and often use each of them for different purposes and different groups of people with whom they interact. One might use their work email address for job-related communications, and a personal address like Gmail or Yahoo for personal correspondence. When it comes to receiving credentials where credit is due, different people and organisations may issue you credentials at your different email addresses, yet you'd still like to manage, share and store all of your credentials in the same Digitalme.Credly account. And you can!

Once you've created your Digitalme.Credly account, you can add as many of your additional email addresses as you like to the account. Once you have added an email and verified that the email address is yours, all credentials issued to the associated addresses will be collected in the same Credly account.

We recommend adding and verifying all of your email addresses so you never miss the chance to receive credentials when you've earned it.

Your "primary" email address in Credly is the email address you use to login to your account, and it's the email we'll use to notify you when you receive credentials from someone. The additional email addresses will be used to associate credentials you are issued to those addresses with your single Digitalme.Credly account. We'll never use these addresses for anything other than making sure credentials you receive gets channeled into your Digitalme.Credly account. We'll only ever use the primary address to contact you about your account or credentials you receive.

Here's how to add more email addresses to your Digitalme.Credly account:

To associate more of your email addresses with your account, simply visit your "Account Settings" by clicking on the settings menu at the left hand side of the site. Click the pencil next to "Email" and click "Add Email". Enter in your additional email address, and click "Save Email".  Then check that email account's inbox for a message from us. You need to confirm your email address before you may use it to give and receive credentials. (The email address will show up as "unverified" in your Account Settings > Email area until you have confirmed the address using the link in the email we send you.)


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