Back in November 2016 we first pushed out the new Passport.js Login service to replace the soon to be retired Persona login. This meant users needed to migrate over their existing accounts in order to re-authenticate with the Backpack and continue to store and share badges. Persona shut down in late December which meant users only have a relatively small window in order to migrate and change account details if they needed to.

However if you missed this window, never fear, you can still migrate your account, as long as you still have access to the email address it was set up with, by using the forgotten password functionality and following the steps you receive via email.

There are a couple of caveats here; firstly we’ve noticed some of these password reset/migration email are hitting spam and junk folders — please make sure you check these (and probably mark all future comms from the Backpack as legit!) Secondly, we understand that some educational organisations (particularly those with .ac.uk domains) are blocking/filtering these emails coming through — if this is the case, please contact your internal IT teams and flag this, and also get in touch as we can take a look into the logs on our end and see at what stage they’re getting bounced back. 

The email address it will be sending from is: no-reply@backpack.openbadges.org

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