Email address mismatch

It’s been long understood that the Backpack ‘struggles’ to recognise uppercase and lowercase letters in email addresses as being the same — this Github issue being just one example. This is something we all know needs working on, and will be looked at, but in the interim here is a couple of tips to ensure you don’t run into this error (and if you do, how to fix it — hopefully)

  1. First check is to make sure the email you have used to create your backpack account matches, exactly, the email you have been using in your badge issuing platforms. e.g. is not the same as
  2. You can’t edit the email address in your Backpack, so if you need to make changes, you’ll currently have to do this on the badge issuing platform.
  3. We can’t edit or change your email in the Backpack — but we might know someone who can — this will involve us raising a Github issue directly with Mozilla, and could take some time to resolve, so point 1 and 2 are definitely the first port of call!
Update (19.2.18) Since the latest update to the Backpack you can now add extra email addresses into your Backpack account in order to store badges from multiple sources - more details on this can be found here

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