Knowledge Base

  1. Credly Videos 

    1. Video - Issuing badges
    2. Video - Creating a badge
    3. Video - Setting up badges that can be claimed
    4. Video - Managing your organizational profile
    5. Video - How to manage tags after issuing
  2. Your account 

    1. Change email address
    2. What does "Verified" mean next to some users' names?
    3. How do I change my password?
    4. What is a "primary" email address?
    5. What is my "Account URL"?
  3. Building badges 

    1. What does the "Expire" option mean when creating a Credit?
    2. What is Draft Mode?
    3. How do I create a new badge?
    4. What are the recommended specifications for uploaded badge images?
    5. Can I upload my own badge image for Credit I issue?
  4. Issuing badges 

    1. How can my organisation give a badge to another organisation?
    2. What is a "Testimonial"?
    3. How do I make a badge "printable"
    4. How can I change an expiration date after a badge is issued?
    5. How do I use Contacts and Lists?
  5. Managing your team 

    1. How do I get "Verified"?
    2. How do I import a CSV of badge recipients into Digitalme Credly?
    3. How can I add managers to my organisational account?
    4. What is the billing and refund policy?
  6. User access and security 

    1. Where are the Digitalme Credly Terms of Service?
    2. Where is the Digitalme Credly Privacy Policy?
  7. Earning badges 

    1. What is "Private" vs. "Public" Credit?
    2. What is "Evidence"?
    3. What happens if I receive Credit at an email address but want to associate with another email address I own?
    4. A badge was issued to a different email address than the one currently tied to my Digitalme Credly account. How do I claim the badge and merge it into my Digitalme Credly account?
    5. What does "Claim Now " mean on a badge?
  8. Sharing badges 

    1. How can I print a certificate
    2. What is Custom Assertion and how do I use it?
    3. How can I embed multiple badges on my web site or blog?
    4. What are personal "categories" and how do I use them?
    5. Can I accept and share Credit I earn automatically?
  9. API 

    1. Is there a Credly API?
    2. Do you have examples of people using the Credly Open Credit API?
  10. Product updates 

    1. New Issuer Layout (BETA)
    2. What is Credit?
  11. All articles 

    1. Video - Issuing badges
    2. Is there a Credly API?
    3. What is "Private" vs. "Public" Credit?
    4. What does the "Expire" option mean when creating a Credit?
    5. How do I get "Verified"?

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